All I Want For Christmas Is… To Live Here, Sleep Here, Or Drive This

Like any person stuck in their own life, I dream of other places to be, other things to sleep on, and other things to drive. Here are each of my wishes:

1) Habitat 67

Named so because it was built in 1967, this prefab community looks cool as whip. It’s located in Montreal, which I think is in Canada (I’m just kidding… I know it’s in Mexico). So it’s old and in another country, which would normally be two strikes against a place, yet I still would like to inhabitat it. That’s mostly because I hear there’s a lot of models there (source needed). Wait, you don’t think they mean models, like “women posing” do you? ‘Cause that’d be so much better than putting together plastic crap with glue…

This is where the new version of "The Prisoner" should have been filmed.

2) Hide-A-Bunk-Bed

How cool are things that transform? The correct answer – very. Except when it comes to couches that transform into beds. But not anymore, thanks to this brilliant idea.

If only I could get somebody to sleep over...

Or would you prefer the Do Hit Chair?

This chair costs $6000. Srsly...

3) A-Team Smart Car

‘Nuff said.


B.A. Baracus pities the fool that has to ride in the back.

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