All I Want For Christmas Is… Parajet SkyCar – No, I Mean, BackJoy

I had a mystery that required solving (as all mysteries do) about a week ago.  The situation was this:

I had awakened in the middle of the night to witness an infomercial for a product that you sat on, and it was supposed to help your spine align properly.  I had no more to go on than that… well… that, and the website site that sounded something like

I asked everyone around the office.  I Googled as fervently as I could.  I could not find anything about this thing you sit on for spine support.

That was until I stumbled upon the word “orthotic.”  And indeed, the product was like a shoe insert.  Very soon after I found it… BackJoy.

As Danny Glover once said, in his mid-20's, "I'm too young for this shit."

 My co-workers had me thinking I dreamed it, when it was truly a reality.  No longer would I be uncomfortable sitting on stools without backs at the bars – I could have BackJoy!  And that’s when it hit me.  I’d have to carry this thing around with me, wherever I went, because I’m sure my back would get used to it.

So then I settled upon wanting this.  It was love at first glance:

An older Danny Glover was overheard saying, "I'll take ten." (Because he's rich, you see.)

Parajet SkyCar – the flying auto!  A reality actually spawned in my dreams!  Oh, the places– wait, what’s that?  It glides?  With a parachute?

Just give me the BackJoy.  And make sure it comes with a carrying case…

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