I Am Thankful For… CatsForGold.com

It’s that time of year again.  Parades.  Turkey.  Gravy.  Mashed potatoes.  Drinking.  Fighting.  Sleeping.  Buying.  And above all else… thanking (as Joey on Friends would say, “Supposably“).

So here I am ready to kick off a weeks worth of giving just that.  Today, I’d like to say thanks for the existence of CatsForGold.com.

Sounds like a deal to me! If only all pets could be mailed...

I love getting things in the mail and for once the mail will love me back!  All I need to do is find some gold lying around… here’s my class ring my mother told me I wouldn’t want later in life (moms know everything!), and here’s a pocket watch that’s on a gold-plated chain… I think there’s some gold in this pen…

Plop into the CatsForGold envelope, and plop into the big blue box!  I wonder what Cat-tankerous (his name) will look like.  The bottom bar has already been set…

He looks cantankerous...

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