InASense, Lost… Chuck E. Cheese Has Gone Bleu

When I was a kid, there was a place I was allowed to be one, fully and freely.

If I wanted to do any of the following:

  • run around
  • eat pizza
  • puke up fountain pop
  • play skeeball
  • crack open the coin container on the spaceship ride and stock up on shit tons (which is way more than crap loads) of tokens
  • collect a crap load of tickets
  • stock up on magic tricks received in fair trade of the aforementioned tickets
  • beat little kids at air hockey in order to overrun the table for my friends and I

I could.  At ShowBiz Pizza Place.  That was back before they were bought out and became Chuck E. Cheese and changed their name.

Anyzaxxon, when I was a kid, the arcade games were really what it was all about.  Paperboy, Tron, watching somebody else play Dragon’s Lair.  These are where my memories truly remain.

So imagine my surprise (I think this is my catch phrase for all my InASense, Lost posts) when I visited Chuck E. Cheese after a long hiatus (it was my friends’ offspring’s first birthday), and this was their game selection?


It's a virtual jump rope game. And my fantasy?


The joystick placement made me feel uncomfortable. As did the Hungry Dragon's face.


"Canning Master" makes me think of "sodomy." As does "Mr. Brown."


Nothing too bad, I guess. But again with the fantasy?



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