Who’s Megan Fox? Are You Kidding Me?

Here’s a question, and it’s a doozy.  Could you believe someone on Planet Mother @#$%ing Earth, in this age of Instant Internet Gratification, that anyone of the us in the path of The Giant Spoon Chock Full of Mashed Pop Culture (we all wait with our mouths open), would not know who this is?

Duly named

Duly named if you cover the n

My sister, Tammie, and I carpooled today, and she dropped the bombshell about the Bombshell on me this morning.  “Who’s Megan Fox?”  I dropped some names of the movies she’s been in – “Transformers,” uh, the next “Transformers,” “How to Lose Friends and Alienate People.”  It didn’t help.

Not needed, but hey...

Not needed, but hey... (also not needed: butt hay)

When I picked her up after work, she had done some homework while at work.  After scouring the TripleDoubleU, she told me that Megs reminded her of a more delicate Courtney Cox (ugh).  I did disclose that she had some cosmetic surgery, and that I wasn’t a big fan of that.  But my sister regaled in the fact she was engaged to this guy (not him, but the – oh, you’ll see):

Our other discussions weren’t as noteworthy, except for the fact that during some part of the chat I wasn’t really paying attention to, I almost threw up in my mouth when she told me she and her fiance have “mutual trust.”  (I almost gagged again.)  I don’t know why.  I think it conjures S&M or something.  Gross. 

Oh, and one last thing: the song at the beginning of the trip was Weezer’s “Troublemaker.”  The song at the end – “Troublemaker.”  Ah, modern radio.

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