JusWondering… Do You Believe In Pop Culture Perfect Storms?

Unlike real-life perfect storms, pop culture perfect storms are fun.

What entails a weather-based perfect storm:

  • warm air from a low-pressure system coming from one direction
  • a flow of cool and dry air generated by a high-pressure from another direction
  • tropical moisture from a hurricane

What entails a pop culture perfect storm:

  • video from long ago
  • containing someone out of their more (in)famous context
  • that features products either lost to time, or some ironic reference

The first example is this:

The ingredients (of the PCPS, not the McDLT):

Another example would be Ghostbusters 2, partly due to this sequence:

The breakdown:

  • This 21-year-old movie (yikes… it can legally drink!)
  • containing a cameo from Whitney Houston’s bad boy, Bobby Brown, as well as this theme song
  • that features not only the Sony Walkman shown in the above clip, but this adapted NES Advantage game controller:

And then there’s always this old commercial featuring Glenn Beck (you can find irony on your own… just like the Ghostbusters):

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