A Handful Of… Songs About Days Other Than “Friday”

By now, everyone (or at least 21 million people at the time of this posting) have seen Rebecca Black’s Friday.  If not, it’s after the jump below.

It’s inane, mundane, insane lyrics and musical progression made me think of every other song about days of the week.  Here are those that came to mind:

  • Saturday Night’s Alright (For Fighting) – Sir Elton John
  • Sunday Bloody Sunday – U2
  • Manic Monday – The Bangles

(SIDENOTE: In retrospect, this is barely better than Ms. Black’s song.)

  • Ruby Tuesday – The Rolling Stones

(SIDENOTE: Yes, I am aware that it’s not about the day itself.  Or is it?)

  • Waiting for Wednesday – Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories

(SIDENOTE: The alternate for this one was Digital Underground’s Humpty Dance.  Because it’s hump day, you see.)

  • Understanding in a Car Crash – Thursday

(SIDENOTE: There are no songs about Thursday, so I had to go with the band.  I think Ms. Black really missed an opportunity here.  She could have had the only song about Thursday – even though Thursday’s aren’t as fun-fun-fun – and then the last day of the week could have been left to The Cure’s Friday I’m in Love.)

This song is unbelievable.  Watch it all the way through the rap breakdown.

For the record, it’s not really her fault.  It’s the talentless tools at ARK Music Factory that wrote this song.  I don’t even know if you can say it was written.  It kind of reminds me of when Randy Newman was on Family Guy (sorry it’s just audio, but you’ll get the point):

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