The Sh– And Just Sh–ty… A Day In The Life Of The Hanks Family

It’s safe to say that Tom Hanks is beloved.  (It’s an easier call than saying that about Grimace.)  But does that extend to his family?  Tough call.  (His wife, Rita Wilson, probably would feel some love.  She’s at least beminusloved.  And maybe son Colin Hanks has some fans…?)

After the Oscars, it was really nice to see Tom Hanks playing up his comedy skills again on the Jimmy Kimmel Live.  For the record, this is filed under The Shit:

Let it be known, Sophie Hanks is not his real daughter.  (She’s played by Actor! Nikki Hahn.)  But Rapper! Chet Haze is his real son:

Guess what this is filed under…

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