Coinkydink Or Coinkydonks Unleashed!

It's all connected... like whatever this toy is.

You know how people say…

You don’t choose books; books choose you.

Well, maybe the same thing happens with movies.  I mean, I know when it comes to books, it’s usually about how the incidents in the book reflect something in your life.  For movies, it always seems that there’s a connection.  Not between me and the movie, idiot.  Between the consecutive movies!

For instance, on the flight to Prague, I watched four movies: The Other Guys, Despicable Me, Salt, and most of Knight and Day.  While I had downtime the last two weeks (actually, it was the nights I stayed up late because I couldn’t sleep… because I didn’t drink enough, I guess), I saw Dinner for Schmucks, Eurotrip, Easy A, 17 Again, and Bolt.  On the last day, I almost went to the theater to see Megamind.  There’s one anomaly film in the mix, but that will get a special shout-out at the end.

Onto the Coinkydinks Or Coinkydonks!

  • Traitor!

Mr. Katie Holmes

World- (and possibly universe-, if the Scientologists know what they’re talking about) famous Actor! Tom Cruise was originally attached to star in Salt, a flick about a spy and possible traitor to the government.  But he feared the character was too similar to his Ethan Hunt character in the Mission: Impossible films, who was a spy and possible traitor to the government (at least in the first one).  So he starred in Knight and Day instead… as a spy and possible traitor to the government.

  • Keepin’ It In the Family

Michelle Trachtenberg

Cutie-pie Michelle Trachtenberg needs to sit down and have a talk with her agent.  In Eurotrip, there’s a pretty funny scene where her character, while tripping on absinthe, makes out with her twin brother on the dance floor.  In 17 Again, she tries to make out with her dad.  Sure, it’s Zac Efron as a younger Matthew Perry, but still!

  • Did These Get Made on the Same Lot? 

Steve Carell

Of course, both Despicable Me and Dinner for Schmucks star the grinning goof above, but isn’t it weird that both Flight of the Concorde’s Jemaine Clements and Saving Sarah Marshall’s Jason Segel are in both?!  That’s a lot of boths!

  • When You’re Good, You’re Good…

Malcolm McDowell

…and no one’s, um, gooder at being bad(ish) as Malcolm McDowell.  He portrayed the villainous Dr. Calico in Disney’s Bolt, and the villainous thorn-in-the-side Principal Gibbons in Easy A.

  • Easy, Eh?

Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell headed-up The Other Guys and Megamind.  Isn’t that enough?

Oh yeah, and about that special shout-out… we also watched The GravesWhat’s that? you say.  I’ll let the preview explain it for you, because it was even worse and incomprehensible than I could have ever expected (you need to at least see the 0:47 second mark):

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