Happy Find… And A Happy Rediscovery!

I was catching up on the new episode of Archer on FX when a preview for this show appeared:

Is is going to be great?  Who cares!  It’s different at the very least (albeit a remake of an Australian show).

And as for that rediscovery – remember the old Cybill Shepherd show, Cybill?  Probably not because I barely did.  Alicia Witt played Zoe on that show, and I forgot about her until she played Miss Pasternak on Two and a Half Men.

Alicia Witt... how could I ever forget you...

Sure, she’s been in plenty of things I haven’t seen since then (including the Two and a Half Men rerun from two and a half years ago), but I did find out that producer Chuck Lorre created both shows, so it’s nice that he’s still looking out for her.

  • Alicia Witt on Cybill
  • Alicia Witt on Two and a Half Men