In My Brain While Sleeping… PokéBowling!

This is my second favorite idea that came to me in a dream of all time!  (Most favorite is here.)

This one is for PokéBowling!


I spent more time trying to make this than I planned.


Basically, the game is a Nintendo Wii game that takes the best of the bowling portion in Wii Sports and mixes it with Pokémon characters.


Each character would have its own attributes, like Pikachu’s electric split or Squirtle’s ten pin blast.  And maybe the pins would be made of different elements, so you’d have to choose which creature would work the best against them.  Who knows?

All I know is this:

  1. It was a fun game.
  2. This is proof that I thought of it, and if Nintendo ever releases something like it, hopefully this post holds up in court.