So, Duh! Pop Quiz… Know Your Office Assistants

Oh, it's not about office assistants in general...

I hardly mention it because even I barely care, but I work in information technology, which really means, computers.  I’ve recently celebrated working here ten years. I’ve worked here for ten years.  Ten years.

…ten years…

So I thought, how can I share the joy that is my job with you, and this is it!

Microsoft’s Office Assistants are considered to be one of the worst things they’ve ever produced, and that’s a grand list!  See how many of these “characters” you can guess…

…ten… years…


    a) Clippit
    b) Clipster
    c) Asshole
    d) Mr. Clip


    a) The Dot
    b) Period
    c) Asshole
    d) Mr. Bounce


    a) Merlin
    b) Wizzie
    c) Asshole
    d) Mr. Magic


    a) Mother Earth
    b) Mama Gaia
    c) Asshole
    d) Mr. Planet


    a) Links
    b) Cat-Apostrophe
    c) Asshole
    d) Mr. Pussyfoot


    a) Rocky
    b) Barker
    c) Asshole
    d) Mr. Ruff

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