Coinkydink Or Coinkydonk? Is Andrea Anders The New Ted McGinley?

Are these pics from

Those of you unfamiliar with the TripleDoubleU are… a lost cause.  Those of you that know your way around Al Gore’s vast array of electrical tubes and lights know the guy up above on the right (here’s a hint – he’s the guy name in the post’s title).

His name is Robert Paulson Ted McGinley, and he is the man most synonymous with the concept of jumping the shark even though he wasn’t the guy that actually jumped the shark (they were in the same show, though).

Shows that Ted McGinley was added to when they supposedly jumped the shark:

  • Happy Days
  • Love Boat
  • Dynasty
  • Married… With Children
  • The John Larroquette Show
  • Sports Night
  • Hope & Faith was on for three seasons, but it was cancelled for Dancing with the Stars
  • Dancing with the Stars (he was the second person eliminated his season)

Now some argue (mainly McKinley himself), that the shows went onto more seasons in spite of him.  According to Jim lasted eight seasons.  Longevity does not equal quality.  (And sometimes, I think networks forget to cancel shows.)

Now whereas the majority of the above shows McKinley was a late addition to them, Andrea Anders started all of the following shows.  Well, as for Joey, that’s not entirely true.  She replaced Ashley Scott as the will they, won’t they potential love interest.

Ashley Scott has no hard feelings.

But if Anders’ track record is any indication, Matthew Perry’s new show, Mr. Sunshine, might not fare well.  So I guess she’s not really at all like Ted McGinley, the patron saint of shark jumping.  Maybe she’s more like the dolphin that kills the shark.

Her track record:

"How you doin'?" "Not so well."


Get it? Should have been called "Better Off Dan-celed."

Miss Chanandler Bong!


Andrea Anders is currently dating Matt LeBlanc who will be in the new Showtime show called Episodes… in which she’ll have a guest appearance.  So I wouldn’t get too used to that show either.