InASense, Lost… The Limitlessness Of Laziness

On one hand, this might not be a bad idea.

On no hands, it’s like a Bluetooth (I guess).

It's a hamburger-monica!

The infamous they always say, “Find a need and fill it.”  But unless this little handy handless food device isn’t pre-sold like this, the amount of time it saves can’t be much.  Besides, can you imagine trying to type while a cheeseburger is staring you right in the face?  I know I’m finishing it before I get any work done.

For instance, if I had this contraption, I wouldn’t have even found it on this site to write this post.  It’d be finished before I sat down to type.  It’d be finished on the car ride home (heaven knows I’m not making it).  It might not make it out of the drive-thru.  So if I had to ready the hands-free sandwich holder, I would have eaten the sandwich way before it made it the wire frame.

I hope for the inventor’s sake, it’s not real.

That is, unless fatteries are included.