Hibbidy-Wah?! The 80’s Are Alive! (…In Prague!)

This could have just as easily fallen under a Musical Musing post, but the obscure cross-section of music I’ve heard while in Prague honestly makes me say, Hibbidy-Wah?!

Some of these took a fair amount of research to uncover.  Some… I quite readily knew.  Hey!  Howzabout we have a So, Duh! Pop Quiz Pop Quiz.  See if you can guess which artists I knew, and which ones I didn’t.  Those answers will be after the jump.

1) Mike + the Mechanics’ All I Need Is a Miracle (amazingly, we heard this more than once)

2) The Climax Blues Band’s I Love You (I was going to look for a better video, then I realized this could not be topped)

3) Air Supply’s Sweet Dreams (I was wrong… the above video could be topped)

4) Genesis’ Man on the Corner (what a creepy song, eh?)

5) Bryan Adams’ Straight From the Heart (this is a video masterpiece… not only does it represent the Czech’s affection for How I Met Your Mother, but also how important apostrophes are)

(Did you guess if I guessed right?  Did you care?)

  1. Yes, I knew who
  2. No, I didn’t
  3. I did, but then I thought I was wrong, but I was right
  4. Yes, in the sense I knew it was Phil Collins at least
  5. Of course, yes

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