All I Want For Christmas Is… This Song To Really Be About What I Hope It’s About!

Mostly everyone nowadays knows Clarence Carter for his song, Strokin’.  If the blind blues singer is known for anything else, it should be at least for the hook from his song, Backdoor Santa.  Run-DMC “borrowed” the back beat for their better-known Christmas in Hollis, but here’s the original:

Awesome, right?  It’s definitely sexual in nature, butt am I wrong to think it could be about a little something extra under the tree?  I known the TripleDoubleU has been around for quite some time and my purest thoughts are no different from yellow snow, butt I don’t think I’m reading too much into these lyrics:

I’m your
Backdoor Santa
I make my run
At the break of day

“The break of day” is also known as “the crack of dawn.”

I ain’t like
Old Saint Nick
He don’t come
But once a year

That part is obviously sexual, and the concept was stolen by Pierce Brosnan’s James Bond.  Here’s where it gets really interesting…

I kept that door open
In case anyone
Smelled a mouse

No comment.

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