In My Brain While Sleeping… Peanut Butter Dream Theory

Skippy = Trippy

I’m really beginning to think I have my thumb on the pulse of my weird dreams.


These dream elements are merely that, without narrative.  But each of these happened the nights I went to sleep after eating peanut butter, either on a bagel or in Reese’s Pieces.

The Strange Reincarnation Metaphor

On the list of possibilities of what happens after we die, reincarnation falls below nothing for me.  It’s kind of hard to wrap my head around.  But I have considered, if it does happen, maybe it’s not the path for everyone.

Much like how in this dream I had a variety of snacks growing out of the entirety of my right arm.  My forearm was covered in smaller snacks, like Lifesaver mints and Good & Plenty’s (though not Reese’s Pieces).  The closer to my neck, the larger the treats became, culminating in pretzel rods protruding like crystal spikes from my shoulder blades.  I resembled a candy aisle version of Superman’s enemy, Doomsday:

There's a good chance those spikes are rock candy...

So what’s the reincarnation connection?  All the foods could be snapped off and were completely (and grossly) edible, and most, but not all, of them would grow back.  Like they were reincarnated, you see.  It made sense in that dream sort of way – don’t think about it too much.

Summer Never Ends at the Jersey Shore

Was it necessary for my subconscious to dream up this exchange?

Angelina to Snooki

You are to Cheetos what I am to popcorn.

Whatever that means.

Are they making the same face, or am I cross-eyed?

And that’s the situation… when I eat peanut butter and fall asleep.

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