JusWondering… I Can Has Licenz Playt?

Also a game in prison...

Also a game in prison...

I have a love/hate (or would that be LUVH8) relationship with personalized license plates, and I’ve never been sure exactly why.  Part of me thinks of it as a game with my fellow road warriors, a la “Bumper Stumpers.”  Another part is reminded of txtspk, and sometimes that gmg (“gets my goat”… come on, I’m trying to start one).

The reason that txtspk can drive me crazy goes back to the game show – wtf does some of that shit rly mean?  (Well, that, and some of the stuff that makes sense makes little sense.)

Examples:  On my road trip to Chitown, I passed a couple of peeps w/ personalized plates.

FLINX – Fuck links… do you hate golf? Is your name Flin X (which I’d admit would be pretty cool)?
SAF – Shitty Ass Fuck indeed… initials are stupid
NVMEEE– Sooo original u needed 3 E’s
BLZR98Not on a ’98 Blazer – ironic?  (ARTS BRD on a Thunderbird and 06SMART on a ’06 Smart car – not ironic)

I know a lot has already been taken, and you are limited in your space, but here are some of the faves I’ve seen through the years:

PB4UGO – This one took a bit of brain shifting because my first thought was “Peanut butter for you, go”
IM1RU12 – This one had a surrounding plate holder declaring the driver was an alumnus from that particular school… though normally I’m not a fan of school spirit after you’ve left school (I’m bitter that way), I thought this was clever enough to include mostly because they were quick enough to get it first
IGODWN2 – This one is especially humorous to me because I happened upon it one night I was driving around, soul searching… my eyes focused on GOD first and I smiled… my smile grew bigger when I noticed the rest

Have you noticed any good personalized plates?

One comment

  1. BEW (@BEWsomething) · January 24, 2012

    FLINX made me LOL. *shudder*

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