In My Brain While Sleeping… How To Break The Tigers Slump

You know how when the team you thought was supposed to be doing fantastic is only doing so-so, it affects your psyche?  Well, it’s really doing a number on my subconscious.

My Detroit Tigers are in the midst of getting out of a slump, but somehow, my brain while sleeping didn’t quite have the answer.

Apparently, in my dream state, to break any curse the team must be reeling from can only be broken by making ace pitcher Justin Verlander

“I don’t like where this is going…”

…out of these:

Well, not just one LEGO guy. Out of many LEGOS.

Aside from having the idea of crafting a LEGO version of #35, I also recall realizing that LEGO has never released any playsets based (pun intended) on baseball.  They’ve done other sports before:

Only one of these sports is “real.”

Why not America’s pastime?  At least other people have taken up the mantle:

Fuzzy pic for so much work.


Bigger show-off.

Is that a famous park? Yes.

So we’re left with two questions:

  1. Why doesn’t LEGO have any MLB sets?
  2. Why did I dream any of this?

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