Coinkydink Or Coinkydonk? The Year Of The Arrow (Plus Bonus COC’s!)

I figured know I’m not the first to notice this, but are you noticing a trend?

Keep your sights on the bulls-eye…

First, Katniss has her way with the bow and arrow in The Hunger Games, then Hawkeye shows up as a master archer in The Avengers, and finally Princess Merida goes all Robin Hood in Brave.  Kinda weird, right?  Like Hollywood’s prepping us for Armageddon by developing a fondness for rudimentary varieties of arsenal.

But like I said, I unfortunately was late to the (hunger) game catching that one, so howzabout this Coinkydink or Coinkydonk… the flying vessels the Chitauri use in The Avengers are similar to the flying disks in Masters of the Universe movie:


What about the Chitauri Leviathan, then?  It looked comparable to those Decepticon ships in Transformers: Dark of the Moon, right?

Yeah, this one’s a bit better… let’s go for one more COC!

Remember how it looked for Tony Stark inside the Iron Man suit?

Don’t look so surprised, Mr. Jr.

Do you think they got their idea’s from 1997’s Star Kid?

Spot on, I’d say.

One comment

  1. Dalton Powell · May 4, 2013

    Well out of the hundreds of movies released of course some popular ones would have a few similarities, but really, that is movies. The main character lives in probably 100% of the popular movies, is that a coincidence? The guy gets the girl, same thing. Hover boards have been in many movies before, I doubt they’re being copied, that would be implying all movies with hovering things stole from Back to the Future: Part 3.And with the Chitauri Leviathan, they both look metallic because they are made of metal, what else could they be made of? just added spines to look cooler but they are very different things. and the helmet… wtf? They look very different and what else did you expect from sic-fi action? of course they’re going to have a HUD.

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