Awesome Battle… Nathan Fillion Vs. Brendan Fraser

Wanna bet Brendan Fraser is jealous of Nathan Fillion because he’s what Fraser always wanted to be?  Let’s check out the comparisons…

Fraser: "Bring it!" Fillion: "It's brung..."


Fillion was born in Edmonton and remains Canadian; Fraser was born in Indianapolis and later would move to Ottawa and Toronto.

POINT: Fillion, for sticking to his maple leaf logo guns.


Fraser’s first major role was as an unfrozen caveman in Encino Man; Fillion starred as a cast regular on the ABC soap opera One Life to Live.  (He should have been on this list.)

POINT: It’s a wash.


Fraser was in the critically acclaimed Gods and Monsters, the Academy Award-winning(ly bad) Crash, and the monetarily successful Mummy trilogy; Fillion was in Steven Spielberg’s Saving Private Ryan (as the wrong Private Ryan) and Firefly/Serenity.

POINT: Fillion.


Let’s see… for Fraser, where do you begin: Airheads, George of the Jungle, Blast from the Past, Dudley Do-Right, Monkeybone, Journey to the Center of the Earth, and Furry Vengeance; for Fillion, you have just Blast from the Past?

POINT: Fillion.


Fillion is already into season four of the hit (?) ABC show Castle; Fraser is set to appear as Vanessa Hudgens’ absentee father in a flick named after a Rolling Stones song.

POINT: Another wash, as I don’t watch either.

But my POINT is this:

Although Brendan Fraser has appeared in way more movies, a fair amount of which were even successful, and Nathan Fillion has had to muddle his way through plenty of failed TV shows to get to this one… Fraser would fetch Fillion’s fervent fan base in freaking flash!  Alliteration!


  1. Anabella Ricardo · June 8, 2013

    I always wanted Brendan Fraser for Stephen, The Vampire King. But lately, I have been thinking that Nathan Fillion would be an awesome Martin in “V.I.L.A. The Chronicles” Vampires in L.A…

  2. Anonymous · October 3, 2013

    my two favourite actors (well chris kattan used to be my favourite actor but he just fell off the radar, havent heard of him since House on Haunted Hill,) i would love to see these two together in a horror movie or maybe even in a Mummy Sequel that would make my life complete seriously great action heroes with great humor…. awesome….

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