Musical Musings… Songs With Same Titles That Are Totally Different

Incubus has a new(er) song out now called Promises, Promises.  I rather enjoy it, in spite of the perceived content.  (It seems to be about a 23-year-old groupie that wants to bang the band, and lead-singer Brandon Boyd appears to have some reservations about that.)

Here’s the vid:

The title in turn reminded me of this gem from the 80’s – Naked Eyes’ Promises Promises.

It’s just about a girl that doesn’t keep promises:

So I started thinking about other songs that shared titles that were about noticeably different things.

TLC’s song examines the many facets of cheating, or creeping around; as for the other, it appears that Thom Yorke thinks of himself as a creep… and possibly a stalker?

Kris Kross merely wants to make people perform the act of jumping because, as they put it, they’re not just some bad little fad; in the case of Van Halen, I just think David Lee Roth wants to jump because he might as well.

P!nk’s ode to emptiness (I really should refuse to write her name this way) is a bit ambiguous – the video (which you can see by clicking her name above) appears to be about the act of self-pleasure, but the lyrics reflect more of a… ah, I’m just gonna pretend they’re about masturbation, too; in regard to Tool’s screeching hymn, it might really be about the battle to stay sober in the face of alcoholism (or addiction in general).

The version by Ghostface Killah (I just “got” his name) is about sex, of course, and about what results from that matter of course; Justin Bieber is probably glad his version is not about an actual baby, in light of his recent (bogus) paternity suit – but it’s still ultimately about sex… or at least what P!nk Pink sang about.