Happy Finds… One For Now – One For Later

Write this name down:

Grace Helbig.

Why, you might ask?  Because this girl is gonna be Helbig.  Not big as in huge.  Well, not huge as in large.  Um, not large as in… well, I’ll just say it – not fat.  (But yes to phat.)

Anyyoutube, ever since first catching my attention on G4’s Attack of the Show, I’ve been checking out her vlog: Daily Grace.  And I can’t stop watching.

I don’t think she’s for everybody, but her comedic talents are palpable.  One of her better vids from last year:

I’ve sort of jumped around her catalog, but once I start, I’m mesmerized.  I truly believe her natural skills and natural looks could go over very well on the big screen.  And by big screen, I don’t mean fat screen.

Now back to the small screen… Have you heard this?

The Simpsons might get their own 24-hour channel!

How cool would that be?  I’d probably start watching them again… while in any waiting room… instead of the news.

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