Musical Musings… This Song Electric Blues

That post title up there might be misleading.  Blues sounds like a variation of blows and by no means do I want anyone to confuse the two.

On the contraire, I want people to start equating the phrase Electric Blue with things that are awesome beyond words, such as the song Electric Blue by Icehouse:

(SIDENOTE: John Oates of Hall &, um, something, co-wrote the song with the Australian band, and apparently once stated that if Icehouse didn’t release it, his band would have.  Thought you’d like to know, so you’re not Out of Touch…)

One thing bothers me about this song though… I feel like it was in a movie, but I can’t find anything that states it was.

My best guess is this movie:

Kim Cattrall's finest performance

Or this movie:

Booger's finest performance

Mannequin is the more likely option, since it was released in 1987 (as was Electric Blue); Better Off Dead was in 1985.  But then again, Starship’s Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now was Mannequin’s signature tune.

I’ll wager $2 that John Cusack’s saxophone solo in Better Off Dead is so imprinted as an earworm in my brain, that any sax solo trudges up comparison and memories.

Or Electric Blue simply sounds like all music at that time.  Who knows…

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