Drunken Recollection… Different Types Of Hot

This is an old battle I’ve been meaning to revisit for quite some time.  It’s a war of semantics and the preferred way of getting my hands dirty.

The alcoholic argument I’ve had with cohorts goes like so:

In any given situation, with any given group of girls, one girl is always the hottest…

Sometimes the bar has been set so low that the hottest girl might not be as hot in other situations…

Thus she is __________ hot.

This is the point of contention.  What word best describes the type of hot:


To illustrate my point, let’s use Blake Lively and Eliza Dushku as objects subjects:

Here they are in basic bathing suits.

Both look stunning in their conservative attire, and are definitely above par for the course of this discussion.  Nonetheless, let’s imagine two rooms full of regular women, with one of them in each room.

For Blake Lively, she would be designated hot of course.  But would you say she’s CLASSROOM hot?  Meaning that in any given classroom situation, she’d be the hottest girl?

For Eliza Dushku, would you prefer the term WORKPLACE hot?  Meaning that any workplace, she’d be the hottest girl?

Classroom vs. Workplace

Okay.  I’m probably not making myself clear here.  I’m getting distracted by the pretty ladies.

Which term is the better classifier?  I argue CLASSROOM because you’re a part of a smaller group within the larger machine – SCHOOL.

Some friends argue that it seems creepy, and that WORKPLACE works as a better classifier.  I would retaliate with the fact that we’re discussing classifications, but I did use the word work… so I’ll say that if they said BOARDROOM hot, they’d be on the same page.

But maybe we’re all wrong, and there is only one clear way to explain this idea of the regular girl rising to the top of regular girls to become hottest – and no, it’s not the HIGHLANDER way of “There can be only one!”  But it is just as nerdy:


For your consideration..

The proof in the figgy pudding, Jessica Nigri (also known as The Comic Con Girl or The Pikachu Girl):

Shirt open, case closed.

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