Happy Find… Hipster Kool-Aid For The Ears

If you’re unclear on the concept of what a hipster is, hopefully this infographic can be of assistance:

If it didn’t help, whatever man.

Anywhohasntshoweredallweekend, I should have heard of Pomplamoose before my boss/friend Paul did (mainly because he’s only recently “discovered” All-American Rejects, and he’s proud of that).  As he perpetually asked me if I heard of Pomplamoose, I continually asked if it was a children’s group (he’s also a huge fan of The Wiggles).

So I looked them up, and I was shocked – SHOCKED! – that their videos have millions – MILLIONS! – of hits…

…and I never – NEVER! (really, again?) – heard of them.

Their YouTube channel is here… if you’re into hipster musicians, style circa 2004 or 2007, that is.


  1. Dakota · January 17, 2011

    That hipster photo, there was actually a good cartoon drawing of a bit of a timeline or least a judgment of who thinks who is a hipster. I’ll have to dig it up.

  2. sgottahurt · January 20, 2011

    I was trying to find that, too. It’s of a guy pointing to another guy and so on, calling each other hipsters, until it gets to a kangaroo or something, right? Link it if you find it.

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