In My Brain While Sleeping… Austin Powers In Maybe Say Maybe Again

This was one of those dreams that occurred between snoozes, so adjustments developed that expanded on the concept that follows.  I contemplated not posting this on the site because I like the idea quite a bit, but then I realized – I’m not a Hollywood insider, and I’d have no way to get this into the proper hands (if it was even in script form).

Anysphinctersayswhat, here’s the premise to what began as simply Austin Powers 4: Agent Origin, and evolved into… well, here’s the poster:

(Not So) Artistic Representation

Following the events of Goldmember, upon discovering that Austin Powers and Dr. Evil were brothers, the pair hop into the time machine to explore where everything went wrong between them.  This leads them to the post-World Wars 40’s.

Of course, Justin Timberlake would play the younger version of Michael Caine’s Nigel Powers, and they’d uncover the origin of Austin’s “Mojo.”

They quickly learn that it was the freshly evil Scott Evil (Seth Green) that raised Dr. Evil to be evil.  He left the present time as soon as they did to unleash his ultimate evil plan of pitting the brothers against each other.

So as they seek to change the past, they find themselves time travelling to the 50’s (where Scott picks up his new sidekick, the super dog and Russian ex-patriot, Laika), and eventually the 80’s to when Scott was born.

Of course everything works well, but the specifics… well, I didn’t dream those, and until Hollywood comes calling, I ain’t saying.  Maybe.

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