Musical Musings… Songs I Will Never Listen To

I practically live in my car.  I’m always driving somewhere (which is probably why I have no drive in the rest of my life).  So I listen to the radio a lot.  The following songs are those that will either make me change the station, or keep me flipping through the dial.

I thought about including the videos here, but that wouldn’t seem true to the reason behind this Musical Musing.  At least I’ve included the links, so nyah.

Okay – scratch all that (I did).  IF there is to be ANY humor in this list, it has to be in the reveal.  A short list can’t duplicate what gobbled up real estate can.

To begin, I will never listen to Tool’s Schism.  Sure, the video is creepy, and could have possibly been a part of my list for videos cooler than their songs, but it is way too long and tantamount to banging pots and pans in rhythm.

(SIDENOTE: I also cannot stand their song, Prison Sex.  Actually, maybe I just don’t like Tool except for Sober.)

A lot of people don’t like Linkin Park already because, well, let’s just say a lot of their fans probably think Dane Cook is hilarious.  But I’ve never minded them.  I believe they work really hard at what they do, and when it works, it works for me.  As for one of their latest, The Catalyst, it Dane Cooks.

This is an easy one that requires no explanation, but I do have one question… why is James Blunt’s early start to the song left in the final recording of You’re Beautiful?  A better question… why do I care?

(SIDENOTE: James Blunt was supposedly in the army, and that baffled me until I found out he was British.  Moving on…)

This shouldn’t even have made this list, but the opening piano riff (is that what it would be called?) lured me in a couple of times before I learned my lesson.  That lesson: Miley Cyrus can’t sing, and The Climb should have never been on the radio.  (What else do I think about Ms. Cyrus?)

And in closing, fuck NewSong’s The Christmas Shoes.  If you haven’t heard it, consider yourself blessed.  If you haven’t, you’ll have to click on the link.  Or just hear Patton Oswalt explain the awfulness of it:

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