A Handful Of… Food Items I Should Have Thrown Out Long Ago

One of the benefits of having my house broken into for the second time in two months (yes – this happened, and yes – there is a benefit) is cleaning up old shit.  In this case, it’s food that I should have gotten around to throwing out a while ago.

Sorry that the pictures below are not that clear.  This is because my phone is two years old, and in the world of technology, it’s out-dated… just like this food.

It’s a shame about the Sean’s Irish Cream Liqueur… I’ll never know how tasty the 17% alcohol concoction could have been.  That is, unless my sibs buy it as a Christmas present for me again.  (Me and the booze have the same name!)

The Rice Krispies box made me laugh because of its screaming promotion for Monster’s, Inc.  Jigglypuff elicited the same response (that’s the Pokémon on the Kraft’s Mac & Cheese).

And I have to be honest about one thing… provided I have a weekend with no plans, I will probably still try to eat the Campbell’s Soup and the Laffy Taffy.

Maybe I can sell The Simpsons can on eBay


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