InASense, Lost… My Sensibilities Are Waning

The older things get, the more faded they become.  Take these two instances as examples of my fading mindset.

  • I thought this was funny.

Apparently, there’s a company named this:

Getrag is an automotive supplier that makes transmissions.  I never heard of them prior to driving past one of their plants, and I found their name to be humorous in a juvenile way, but if you asked me to explain why, my answer would be fuzzy at best.

  • I thought this was creepy.

This all might have happened on the same day, but one of these pulled up behind me, and I thought it looked evil:


Hyundai Santa Fe


It’s not like I had seen one before (maybe I haven’t), but the design is intimidating.  At least it was in person.

Man, was I off my game that day… or just hung over…