Drunken Recollection… Bluff My Call

Don’t get me wrong… I love my iPhone, but sometimes things come up that make me wish I had an Android phone.

Case in point – without jailbreaking my cell, Apple will not allow me to download and use the incredibly evil app called:

Bluff My Phone (available here) is a handy little tool in creating havoc, and it works like this:

  1. Download and install the app.  Of course.
  2. Program the phone number you want to call and the number you want to show up on the caller’s display.
  3. Choose to modulate your voice more masculine or feminine.
  4. Set the call to record or not.
  5. And scare the living shit out of somebody.

We didn’t try anything at the bar, but the next day at work, we had a good time pranking a few co-workers, acting as clients.  Alas, we did not record them (we forgot in the excitement).  But my boss/friend Paul devised the darkest prank of all (I helped).

While his wife was at home sleeping after working the night shift at the hospital, he called her mother (his mother-in-law) from his wife’s cellphone as she watched their kids downstairs.  I suggested this phrasing:

Is this “Mom”?  I wouldn’t suggest coming upstairs.  I’m standing over your daughter!

Or something like that.

We laughed.
He tried it.
He was sent to his mother-in-law’s voicemail.
So he tried directly spooking his wife.
Still half-asleep, she recognized his voice immediately.
Prank over.

Maybe next time.

(SIDENOTE: I’ve come a long way since this.)