InASense, Lost… If At First You Did Exist, Try, Triceratops

(From "Art of My Mind" - click image for link)

I don’t get this discovery.

Apparently, Scientists! (my sarcastic pronouncement in honor of Actors!) have determined that this…

Of course it's the Triceratops.

…didn’t exist.  “They” (wait – we know it’s the Scientists!) say that Triceratops are really just the baby version of this:

This is the... Torosaursus?

Nobody knows what a Torosaurus is!  Why not say that the Torosaurus didn’t exist, and it’s the grown up version of a Triceratops!?

(SIDENOTE: I know I’m not supposed to capitalize the terrible-lizards-that-may-be-terrible-birds’ names, but they have a special place in my heart… a place that’s apparently German and capitalizes nouns.)

This is tantamount to Twix calling their original candy bars Caramel, and their peanut butter versions Twix!

Or the drawing at the post’s start.

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