Drunken Recollection… Upchuck Answer Round! With Photos!

These are some things I’ve been meaning to look up after a night of drinking.  I don’t remember much else but the note from my phone.

NOTE 1: trve kvlt

The answer lies no further than this picture:

The bear is definitely not "trve kvlt."

It also lies no further than this definition on Urban Dictionary.

Or no further than replacing the V’s with U’s… (and the K with a C if you’re still stumped)…



"Do I Look Like I Give A Fuck?"

‘Nuff said.

NOTE 3: Incorruptibles

Not that kind of "incorruptible."

This is a Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox belief that I, as a Roaming Catholic, have never heard mentioned.  Apparently, the Incorruptibles are the saints whose bodies don’t decompose.  Hence the picture of Mandy Moore as opposed to a pic of an old dead dude… in a robe… in a box.

Poppycock?  You decide.  Personally, I wouldn’t want to be incorruptible.  I’d rather be like Cain in Robocop 2.

NOTE 4: “Dirty Jeans Dungarees”

What "NOTE 4" says...

This is a common misheard lyric.  The song – AC/DC’s Dirty Deeds.  The lyric – if you don’t already know the song, I don’t think you get most things on this site.

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