Worth 1002 Words… Well, I Wasted My Time, So Why Not Yours Edition

Big Oil

Some alternates:

  • Ebony Coast
  • Black Plague
  • Top That!
  • How Crude!

SIDENOTE WORTH LESS THAN 1002 WORDS: Apparently I didn’t have the foresight to double check if anybody else had made this image yet, so I’ve spent a good portion of time (compared to what usually makes it onto this site) to make this.

For what it’s worth (about 1002 words), I think mine looks better.


  1. omawarisan · June 10, 2010

    Oh…that is beautiful in an awful sort of way. well done!

  2. sgottahurt · June 10, 2010

    Just like oil (there are rainbows in it)!


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