Happy Finds… Help! In Many Forms

This video has made it’s way around the ol’  TripleDoubleU a-plenty (why am I typing like that?), but that’s not gonna hinder me from a-placin’ it right ‘ere ag’in (it’s getting worse!)…

So wit’ that whole mess in mind, get yerself o’er ta this spiderweb sightin’ if’n ya might be fixin’ to help some kin:

(Click pic for link)

Kickstarter is a place one might find ’emselves at if yer lookin’ to be like tha ol’ kings and queens were wit’ dolin’ out fundin’ to projects like tha Moner Lisa or discoverin’ tha New World*.

If’n yer more inclined to offerin’ yer services at a whoppin’ five bones a crack, then look no further than Fiverr:

(Click pic for link)

Now if’n only someone could help me wit’ wha’ever ’tis I got goin’ on ‘ere, that’d be dandy.

(*not historically accurate)

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