In Someone Else’s Brain While Sleeping… (I Need A Break)

I recently had a dream in which I invented wind-up watches.  I woke up thinking they were a crazy idea, and then I thought about how crazy i was to forget that they existed.

While on the subject of crazy, one of my friends told me about a woman she worked with and the recurring dream she had.

Over the course of fifteen years (FIFTEEN YEARS!), she often dreamed of Morgan Freeman standing in a waterfall, wearing a diaper, and holding her unborn twins in her arms.  She never had twins or lost them, I found out, because then it would have been sad… like Morgan Freeman was playing his usual role of God, and all that other psychoanalytic mumbo jumbo.

So since it wasn’t a downer, I simply could not resist trying to imagine what that looked like, and here was the result:

(Not So) Artistic Representation