In My Brain While Sleeping… There’s An App For That?

I only give high-fives for Taco Bell...


This dream originally dealt with a weird cruise ship and a strange arcade, but it was odd in those ways you can’t explain. 

What I can explain was one stand-up arcade game that projected images on the touch screen that were to be emulated by using your hands, palms, and fingers.  Think Twister meets Flamin’ Finger

Regardless, the game would be much better suited on something portable, à la iPhone

("fingerpalm - what else were we going to call it" not available for Palm OS)

So for example, the above image would require the side of your right hand and one finger touch.  Possible?  No.  Fun?  Possibly. 

But if I could have my druthers, I’d rather have an app that could locate the closest Taco Bell to me at any given point. 

Taco Bell high-five!

If not that, then an app that played a pissing sound while I looked up answers to cheat at bar trivia… Don’t look at me like that!  Gift certificates that can be redeemed at a later date are on the line!