(My Boss) Paul’s Top Five List… Songs About Obsolete Technology

We’ve been busier at work the last few months (hence me running behind on new posts at times), so my friend/boss Paul has been unable to create a new list to share. ¬†Today, before heading to golf, he created this new list to share.

CD's may soon go the way of the phonograph...

Top 5 Songs About Obsolete Technology

5.) Spiderwebs No Doubt
What’s Obsolete: screening phone calls over answering machines
What’s Replaced It: caller ID
Shelf-Life for Replacement: indefinite

4) The Letter¬†– Box Tops (or Joe Cocker, or American Idol’s Lee Dewyze)
What’s Obsolete: writing letters
What’s Replaced It: writing emails
Shelf-Life for Replacement: not long… kids today think emailing is outdated

3) You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) – Dead or Alive
What’s Obsolete: LP records

Paul’s additional note:

I felt real old when my five year-old daughter asked me, ‘What’s a record, dad?’

What’s Replaced It: CD’s (also, Right Round by Flo Rida)
Shelf-Life for Replacement: ever hear of iPods or Pandora?

2) Escape (The Pina Colada Song – Rupert Holmes
What’s Obsolete: personal ads in the newspaper
What’s Replaced It: Craigslist and web dating services
Shelf-Life for Replacement: as long as people are looking for other strangers to screw, they’ll be around

1) Beepers – Sir Mix-A-Lot
What’s Obsolete: pagers
What’s Replaced It: cell phones
Shelf-Life for Replacement:
until they implant telecommunications into our brains, cell phones are it

(above image via Gizmodo)