JusWondering… Is There A V.P. Nominee Curse?

Now don’t get your britches in bunches thinking that this post’s title is about nominating suggestions for AVP (Alien Vs. Predator) type battles (although I’d watch E.T. fight a cougar like Dee Wallace in a cat suit… yowza!)… or that’s there’s some kind of curse associated with either of those cursed movies (or the inevitable third film).

No, this post more or less is about the incident I didn’t hear enough about…

The Sarah Palin Book Signing Tomato Toss.

The Truth - The Myth - The Fantasy

It happened last week at the Mall of America, and it made barely a blimp on the radar (get it – it’s a blimp because it’s bigger than a blip… aaaand it’s full of air).  I would take this as a sign that Sarah’s news-worthiness is Palin‘ (ha!), or that it was really no big deal.  But on the contrary, it’s a continuing trend amongst former Vice Presidential nominees.  To go back to where (I think) it started, let’s look at the losers of the last quarter century, and see how their luck fared after returning to the trenches…

  • Sarah Palin (under John McCain, 2008) – Let’s see… tomatoes, Levi Johnston, quitting as a governor… despite having a book out, seems like she’s on a downward spiral (hopefully)…
  • John Edwards (under John Kerry, 2004) – Okay, so he ran for President in 2008, therefore his post-VP life might not have been that bad – well, if you ignore that whole affair, um, affair
  • Joe Lieberman (under Al Gore, 2000) – He also ran for President in 2004, but c’mon – it’s Joe Lieberman… He can barely pick out his outfits, let alone a party…
  • Jack Kemp (under Bob Dole, 1996) – Running on the football field (professionally) lead to a seat on Congress…  running as a Vice Presidential nominee lead to the grave (well, it took 13 years)…

Where do I think it all begin?  On a date that lives in infamy funny, June 15, 1992

Dan Quayle spells “potato” as “P-O-T-A-T-O-E”

Pictured: Ross Perot's Vice Presidential nominee, Admiral James Bond Stockdale, napping after yelling at the kids that threw popcorn on him.

(BONUS: A post on Gawker that looks at the history of food tossing.)

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