Anonymous Fans Of Anonymous Unsafe Sex

This topic has been bothering me for a couple days.  I’m not supposed to know some fact, according to my friend’s girlfriend, and since he promised her he wouldn’t say, he didn’t say.  But he gave clues.

And remember – I may be addicted to guessing games.

The sitch is this: my friend found out some girl we know has never used protection.  He was stunned by this fact and said his opinion of her dropped (you can take the boy out of Catholicism but you can’t take the brainwashing out of the boy).

I don’t condone unsafe sex, but I don’t judge.  I simply assume everyone’s filthy, and I worry about myself.  Actually, I do hold it against girls that sleep with known douchebag-whore men, but that’s neither here nor there.

I had my guesses and made my chart accordingly, but too be honest… I never held any of my options in saintly regard in the first place, or they’re since married (in that order).  I think it would take someone close to me that had this bad habit to shock me, and luckily not many ladies I know have daughters (if the mystery woman had a son, this could have meant serious trouble).


(And by "partied" I mean just that.)

In contrast to my friend’s opinion: I’m offended by the tattoo situation.  She wants to get a tattoo of her daughter’s name, and it’s going to take two $600 sessions, which my friend swears will probably take her to three of four.  She has financial woes of some sort – yet she’s taking a loan for tattoos. 

Hello impending Idiocracy.

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