JusWondering… Did Hollywood Go To Glamour Shots?

When I was at my favorite movie theater recently (I am a card carrying Frequent Movie Watcher), I noticed that they had (intentionally) placed four strikingly familiar posters beside one another.  I couldn’t quite place what was so similar, but they all drew the exact same emotional reaction from me…



ho-hum.  Just what the ad execs ordered (okay, maybe the T4 poster is kinda cool).  Instead, I think they should have hired this guy:

Vodpod videos no longer available. My guess is that it all started with this poster:

Looks guilty to me!

Looks guilty to me!

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Happy Find… A New Game I Can Use To Annoy My Friends!

While late night stumbling through the TripleDoubleU when I should be going to be bed before I have to go back to work (is this even a sentence?), I found this on Videogum (they’re my Hubba Bubba):

hudhudhudhudhudhud...hudhud......hudhud... ("Jaws" theme backwards)

hudhudhudhudhudhud...hudhud......hudhud... ("Jaws" theme backwards)

And they found it through BuzzFeed and they found it threw Reddit… blah blah…

Basically, it has the potential to be a great time-killing/altered-state/show-offy game, I think.

You take a familiar film (a filmiliar, you might say) and tell it in reverse.  A gag on the BuzzFeed states The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is about a man who is born and grows old and dies.  Simple, yes… but effective.

The more elaborate samples on Reddit:

If you watch Fight Club backwards, you see Ed Norton turn from a crazy streetperson into a successful productive member of society.

If you watch American History X backwards, you see Ed Norton turn from a successful productive member of society into a crazy streetperson.

I would try one right now, but my brain’s on the fade out.

Oh wait… I got one. 

If you watch the Muppet Movie backwards, Kermit and the Gang watch a movie, and then act it out in real life.  Dumb.

The Curious Case of the Frog and the Pig

The Curious Case of Interspecies Love