InASense, Lost… The Third Film Of A Series, Then In 3-D!

I’m on a bit of a Friday the 13th bender, and I’m happy to say that the third film in the series was originally in 3-D.  Which in the olden days meant random objects were held up and pointed at you… Eeeeeek!  Scary!

( Man, how I already miss Don LaFontaine.)

In this film, aside from the opening credits, I was “shocked” to have the following things aimed/thrown/extended at me:

  • a laundry line
  • a TV antenna
  • a rat walking out on a plank
  • a fake looking snake leaping
  • a baseball bat held back by a child
  • a joint
  • a wrapped-up eyeball
  • a bundle of hay
  • a wallet
  • a chain through a windshield
  • a fist threw a car window
  • a yo-yo
  • a girl climbing a ladder
  • a pitchfork (its handle)
  • a pitchfork (its… forks)
  • a double dose of different pitchfork handles
  • a machete blade, walking by
  • juggling apples and oranges
  • a harpoon shot… (also the first time Jason wears his hockey mask)
  • popping popcorn
  • a hot fire poker
  • an eyeball popping out of a squeezed head (SRSLY)
  • a bookshelf full of books
  • a girl (our hero) dropping from rafters
  • then Jason dropping as well
  • finally, Jason’s chasin’ hands (<–good band name, btw)

With the reinvigorated hoopla about 3-D films, I can’t wait to see what will be thrust at me next!

Happy Find… Billy Mays Dubs

I feel like when I even write about Billy Mays, I should WRITE IN CAPS!  He’s the RonCo for a new generation.  As ubiquitous as he is, and as pretentious as that sounds, toilet humor has never been better than in these dubs of his commercials.  I had trouble picking which ones to highlight, so I picked three and gave you a heads up what you might find in them if you’re SHORT ON TIME!

If someone decides to take a shit in the bathtub or have sex in a vase, check this one out:

If you can relate to this level of hate: “Look at this rug, I hate this rug, I’m going to ruin this rug!”  Check this one out:

If when you’re outside picking up shit, you’re afraid the kids are inside stealing your food, then check this one out:

You can check out the rest at JaboOodyDubs YouTube page.

(via FilmDrunk)