JusWondering… Did Walmart See This Coming?

The Superbowl game just started and I saw a commercial against steroid use that uses the slogan, Don’t Be an Asterisk.

Too bad Walmart is in the process of changing their logo to this:

Ha ha, steroid user!

Ha ha, steroid user!

Run Turtle Run!

Apparently, turtles can run away from home.  Within minutes of each other, I heard about two stories – count ’em TWO – about how somebody’s pet turtle fled the premises of their owners.

How could such a thing occur?  Underestimation of determination.  We’re talking about a species that fights to stay alive.  It not only fights to stay alive, but they live, like, forever.

There wasn’t much to the dual tales of woe.  The proud tortoise parents let their Sheldon’s or Shelly’s or… Terry’s (the storytellers could not deliver any names) wander about the yard, and not thinking much of their leathery pal’s abilities and desires, they left them unattended long enough to escape (or get picked up by hawks).

In honor of these two daring terrapins, watch this video about the little tortoise-that-could named Bob: