Musical Musings… The Ladies of “Lady Marmalade”

Almost seven years ago, this song reintroduced Voulez-vous coucher avec moi (ce soir)? back into pop culture.  Sure, it’s probably gone again, ‘cuz y’know, all these kids, with their short attention spans and stuff…

How have the fair Ladies of Marmalade, um, fared since?  I’ve devised this nice pictograph to illustrate.  Hopefully you’ve brushed up on your French!


Translations after the jump.

Mya – “Would you like to buy my records in Japan?”

Lil’ Kim – “Would you like to go to prison for me?”

Missy Elliott – “Would you like to meet Timbaland?”

Christina Aguilera – “Would you like to have a baby with me?”

Pink – “Would you like to be the biggest star of all?”

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