Drunken Recollection… Bombs, Bugs, And Blisters

There are things you’re taught, and there are things you learn.  There are things you know, and things you choose not to remember.  Sometimes these things come up at the bar.

Here are examples are each:

1) Things you’re taught.  I was unaware of the existence of cornmeal bombs, and then one day I was taught not only their purpose, but how they work.  Thanks CSI!

2) Things you learn. One of my buddies (Derek) works as a scientist (he says he’s not but by all intents and purposes, I say he is – just like how I refer to my engineering friends as inventors).  What his job entails is creating bugs that will get rid of these guys:


How much wood can a woodborer bore if a... wait, it can. So all of it.

What I think is cool (which is highly subject, considering I think it’s cool to be considered a scientist), is that I had no idea he did this now.  The last I heard he was categorizing lake muck, no he’s scientist-ing with insects!  Also, I had seen signs all around Michigan for years saying not to transplant wood because of the Emerald Ash Borer pictured above, but I had no idea that it looked… like… that.  Not to sound stereotypical, but it comes from Asia, and it looks like something that would come from Asia (is that stereotypical sounding?), in that I mean it looks foreign, and regal, and traditional (nice recovery).  Anywood, since it’s winter, Derek cuts down trees to put them in heat chambers that fool the little dormant buggers into thinking it’s spring, then he unleashes his (team’s) creations on them!  Awesome!

3) Things you know.  I haven’t played basketball in over a year, and I know I don’t have the right shoes for it, so I know that I’m going to get a blister or two from speeding running jogging up and down the court.

4) Things you choose not to remember.  I haven’t played basketball in over a year, and the chance came up to play last night.  I had a soccer game that started late, so I knew I could squeeze in a couple hours of hoops.  Then I’d have no problem playing soccer right after…


JusWondering… Where Have I Seen You Before?

The beautiful Meital Dohan has entered my world seemingly out of nowhere.  I have recently been catching up on Season 2 of Showtime’s Weeds and that’s where I found her.  At least that’s where I thought I found her.



 For my job, we use a little online service called LogMeIn, and this is the smiling face that greets me every time:



Could it My Sweet Meital?  It sure looks like her to me.  My friend, Aaron, doesn’t think so, but I told him how this girl I worked with at The Dive restaurant in L.A. was also on the cover of a mathematics software box at Best Buy.  He started to see the similarities after that.  Further examination:

And everybody has to get their start somewhere:

Snow Jobs Blow (P.S. – You Suck)

I know I’ve mentioned my yearly battles with the Detroit postal service before (read here).  But considering the last time I’ve shovelled my snow was over a month ago, I expected the battle to heat up – and it did.

For those that didn’t believe me about the “notes” I get from the postpeople:

Mail... I don't need no stickin' mail!

Mail... I don't need no stickin' mail!

Now, I understand why they would want it cleared, but I’m hardly home, and by the time I could get to any cleaning, a path is already trampled which only makes the scooping more difficult.  Plus, if I can’t get to the pavement, what remains is waaaaay more slippery than chunking through the drift.

There was a time when I enjoyed getting junk mail.  It made me feel like I was a part of something bigger, like I existed that day.  These days I do mostly everything online, so mail gets me excited not-so-much.  About all I need the USPS for is package delivery, which I’m promptly switching to my address at work.  Take a peek why:


What a drag...