Happy Find… Big Man Japan

This could be will be the greatest film ever.  It’s set to arrive here in May.  Not sure if it will come in theaters or on DVD, but Magnolia’s handling the distribution, so it could be a simultaneous release. 

And I’m all about the simultaneous release.  Like when you’re helping to hold a fridge or a heavy cabinet, and you both let it go on the count of three… yeah, just like that.

InASense, Lost… Heil Zoo Keeper!

Over Winter Weekend Break Part 2, I stopped at a Best Buy store, and this “game” caught my eye:

Um... yeah...

Um... yeah...

I mean, how could I nazi it?

It wasn’t on the display with all the games in the regular section, it was in the main aisleway, right there on the first rack… or was it second… no, third reich.

The game was on clearance for $14.99, and I didn’t even have to axis why.  Just look at it!

I was supposed to go get some things I need, like the 3-TP’s (toilet paper, tooth paste, Tarts Pop), rather than things I want.  That’s why you should never gestapo at an electronics store while running an aryan.  (I’m done.)