In My Brain While Sleeping… Celebrity Wake Up Call!

I looked up wake up call. This picture of Charlize Theron was on it. I used it. Welcome to my train of thought.

I Googled wake up call. This picture of Charlize Theron showed up as a result. I used it. Welcome to my train of thought.

I know Thanksgiving is far behind us, but I wasn’t writing this blog actively then, so I need to say this now: I’m thankful for my job.  Now, I could be big about it, and be thankful mostly that I have a job, but let me be small.  I’m thankful for my job because I pretty much start whenever I want (I try to be there before 10am), and I can find time to work on this – my master-of-stolen-minutes-work.

That having been said, sometimes I do have to be responsible and wake up early.  On occasion, I’ve even had to be at a client by 7am!  The night of this dream, that was the case.

So in this dream, there was a study that was conducted, and I was privy to the results.  The study’s tagline:

Who has the most recognizable voice in the world?

I’ll save the results for after the jump… 

In My Brain While Sleeping, the number one answer was (you’ll have to highlight the text to read it)…


Done guessing?

Since this dream, I’ve asked other people, and no one mentioned The Governator.  I’ve made up compiled a list down below, but let me explain how the dream finished.

So I was working at some magazine when these results were revealed, and one employee was going to get a wake up phone call in the morning from the winner.  I ended up being that person, so my dream ended with Arnie leaning close to me (I guess he forgot it was supposed to be a phone call) and saying:

Sean, it’s time to wake up.

In reality, I woke up one minute before my alarm clock was going to go off.  And I wasn’t late for work.  Finis.


  1. Arnold Schwarzenegger
  2. Morgan Freeman
  3. Darth Vader
  4. James Earl Jones
  5. Christopher Walken
  6. Imitators of Christopher Walken
  7. The new Chuck E. Cheese (voiced by the lead singer of Bowling for Soup)
  8. Jennifer Aniston
  9. Donald Duck
  10. Jaret Reddick

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