Worth 1002 Words… Creeped Me The F— Out Edition

Look Away!

(SIDENOTE: I don’t really want to get into how I found this on IMDb, but here I go… I was looking up horrible movies that were in the After Dark Horriblefest Horrorfest, and I didn’t realize that one I had seen was in that group.  The Graves is one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen, but thanks to its leads, Clare Grant (Mrs. Seth Green) and cutie Jillian Murray, I unfortunately stuck with it.  So having seen a lot of Ms. Grant on the TripleDoubleU, I thought I’d look into Ms. Murray’s C.V.  Lucky for me, she was the star of a little movie called Wild Things: Foursome.  Nonetheless, this dude named Keith Hudson had a small part in it, and his picture freaked me out.  This is a shot from another movie, just to let you know…)