Awful Battle… Dead Dogs + Kid Films = Bad Idea

Once upon a time (not ABC-Disney’s eponymous show), Tim Burton and Don Bluth were a part of the Disney family.  Coincidentally (Coinkidinkily), one of the last projects they shared parts of was The Black Cauldron (Burton designed the The Horned King Bluth animated a few uncredited scenes).

Anygurgiwantsmunchiesandcrunchies, they share one other similarity: a fascination with dead dogs (not really).

SIDENOTE: A Coinkydonk , too?  Why is this an Awful Battle?  Read on.

In 1984, the last thing Burton made for Disney was a short film called Frankenweenie.  This lead to him getting fired.

As for Bluth, All Dogs Go to Heaven ended his short streak of hits.  Even though it developed spin-offs, it was mostly a flop following the highly successful An American Tail and The Land Before Time films.   (RIP Judith Barsi)

Now that Disney and Burton made money peace over the stop-action Nightmare Before Christmas and live-action Alice in Wonderland films, he’s flipping the script on his newest film:

Why does it seem even creepier animated than the original which was live-action?!

Wasn’t this sticker enough?!?!

Perhaps the alternate isn’t much better:

(Get it?  Dylan Dog?  Dead of Night?)

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