Drunken Recollection… Terrible License Plate Edition

To begin, I know this sounds bad… a Drunken Recollection about a license plate.  But for the record – it wasn’t me driving!  For the record, it was me drinking, though.

Anydouche, there was a car like this with this license plate:

It's better than IGODWN2... (click this image for that story)

Is it Mrs. Mack or Mr. Smack?!  Those are two very different messages you’re sending, driver!

One is a guy I wouldn’t want to cross, and neither is the other!

What they should have had is a license plate like this:

What were the chances I had my Yoda mask with me when I saw the license plate? Apparently, really good. And for the record, I was not drunk.

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